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In lieu of gifts...

I am requesting help with party food instead. (I am moving and need to take as little with me as possible.) You can help by either purchasing from the Target registry or purchasing directly from Panda Express or Chipotle. (Venmo is also an option if that's easier, just message me for inf0.)

UPDATE: Some of you may have had issues with the Target registry. So so sorry about that! You can purchase from Panda Express or Chipotle directly.

Panda Express

digital gift cards

(as low as $10, no account needed)


digitial gift cards

(as low as $10, no account needed)

Target Registry

food items

(must have a account)

when asked for recipient email, please send to

Please note, I have gluten & wheat sensitivity. I cannot have any food containing wheat. I can tolerate trace amounts such as soy sauce, but generally cannot eat foods such as bread, pizza, pasta, pastries, etc.