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sneaky sales people


Ya know those people who try to be sneaky with their sales and promos?

The one’s that don’t sell right to your face, but kind of do it in a backhanded kind of way. It’s a new kind of sleazy where they don’t break the rules per se, but you can definitely tell what they’re trying to do.

How to Spot a Sneak

They show up in Facebook groups “introducing” themselves with a huge, smarmy photo of themselves.

They post lengthy “blog posts” as “advice”. Not once or twice in a blue moon, but on a regular basis.

They post social media images with their branding, ie. a quote followed by their logo – entailing their business info “SNEAK SOCIAL MEDIA INC.”

They post a “win” like they finally got their website/sales page/online course up and running. And instead of sharing the back story, they just promo the site/sales page/course.

They have an hour to kill (in between Netflix shows) to answer any questions you may have about ______.

Not to say that everyone who does this is a bad person. Heck, in my early days I may have done a couple of these.

What it comes down to is intention.

Are they really just trying to connect with likeminded people?

Are they really just trying to share value?

Are they seeking genuine feedback for their sales page?

Are they really excited about a new quote they just found?

Are they really wanting to offer their expertise?

Even if you’re not an empath, most people can tell if someone is genuine or not. It’s in the language, the wording, the nuances.

What do you do when you see a sneak?

If it’s not outright against the rules, just ignore them. Any attention (any comment, any emoji) will just encourage them.

If they’re obnoxiously posting over and over again, block them and/or hide their content. I’m sure the admins will see it eventually.

Move along. Don’t let your energy be zapped by these soul sucking sneaks. Instead, continue to encourage people who have real questions and are offering real value.

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