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Why I’m not jumping on board with bots

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the new shiny object in online marketing is bots. Bots have been raved about by nearly every high level entrepreneur I can think of.

But this time I’m not jumping on board.

While the open rate is “Amazing! Incredible! Unheard of!”, it’s because it’s a novelty. Of course it’ll be a few months after it tapers off. Who knows, it may perhaps always be higher than email open rates. But I’m sticking with email.

If you want to hop on board, there are many trainings and resources available (Zach Spuckler of Heart Soul Hustle has some of the best), but I’m here to tell you why I’m staying put.

My list building strategy centers around Instagram. I’ve already invested in the platform – mostly time and energy. The social platform I chose isn’t important. What IS important is the fact that I already have a strategy.

I’ve already created my ICA, I’ve did my research, and I’ve studied extensively. I’ve plotted a course to accomplish my goal – and Bots simply don’t fit into it.

Yesterday was Periscope, today it’s Bots, tomorrow, who knows.

Just remember who you are, why you do what you do, This will help you stay clear, focused, and on the right track.