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Time blocking is literally blocking out time to accomplish a task. Master this, you’ll master time management.

So instead of a to-do list, you have a schedule.
– Billionaire CEO’s do this.
– Successful entrepreneurs do this.
– So maybe you should to.

How Time Blocking Works

Use a daily planner with hourly time blocks to write out tasks that you intend to accomplish during that time block. (If you don’t have one, take your pick from Google.)

You can also use a digital planner or calendar like Google Calendar. Whichever floats your boat.

Staring at a blank calendar can be a little daunting, so try this:
– Do a “brain dump”.
– Spend some quality time on this to make sure you get *everything* out.
– Write down all the tasks and appointments that come up in your head. That includes *both* business and personal.

Go back to your daily/hourly calendar and write in the exact time you plan on accomplishing those tasks on your to-do list.

It’s also good to schedule recurring things like picking up and dropping off kids. That way you know that time is *only* for that.

Also schedule in any “me time” and time with family and friends.
This is *huge*. If you ultimately want to live a life of freedom, you need to learn to make room for the things you find important.

Common Time Blocking Mistakes

Creating generic tasks
Tasks should be very specific.

Generic tasks are:
– working on website
– get new followers
– clean the house

Specific tasks are:
– create copy for the about page for website
– engage in social media groups and comment on at least 10 posts
– clean the living room (pick up clutter, vacuum)

The more specific the task, the more likely you are going to complete it.

Not giving yourself enough time
Give yourself plenty of time to accomplish a task.

Let’s say you want to “create copy for the about page” and you give yourself 30 minutes. That may be enough time to write the copy, but not enough time to edit.

If in doubt, double the amount of time you give yourself.

If you have time left over, then you can complete whatever else you have on your to-do list, and the sooner you’ll be “free”.

Filling up the day
Just because you’ve time blocked doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to accomplish everything. That also doesn’t mean filling up your day with busy work.

Give yourself plenty of breaks and plenty of time.

Excessive Context Switching
Context switching is when you move from different types or categories of tasks. For example, working on your website, and then working on your online course, then working on your podcast.

Instead of working a little bit at a time on each of these things, FOCUS on working on one category of business per day.

So for example, on Monday, you work on the copy for your website. On Tuesday, you work on the content for your online course. Wednesday, you podcast. Etc.

One Final Tip

Create one major focus for the day
As stated previously, avoid context switching. The reason being is when we’re focused on one type of task, we create momentum. And that momentum allows us to get *more* done. As opposed to starting a project, stopping, and starting on a new one.

Time blocking does take practice, but once you master it, you’ll find yourself accomplishing more than you ever have.